Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love Lemons!

Yesterday, my son and I made homemade lemonade. We don't have a juicer of any kind. So, we had to do it the REAL old fashion way using the tools God gave us...Cooper really enjoyed himself and it kept him occupied for a good while. He really enjoyed drinking it after we added sugar. It was soooooo good. After we made lemonade, I used the lemon leftovers to clean... it's a miracle worker on hard water stains around your stainless steel sink. Just use a half of a lemon as a little scrubber then rinse and dry... it's important to dry after rinsing. Otherwise the water left from rinsing will create a new hard water stain. Lemons make my house smell so nice!

1 comment:

  1. Love the Real lemons! Did you ever notice that lemonade mix has "artificial lemon flavor," but, say, Lemon Pledge has "real lemons" in it? Crazy!