Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Big Thanks

Today, like most days, I have been visiting my farmgirl sisters on the Mary Jane's Farm forum...I have so many sweet kindred spirits there. That is where I get a lot of encouragement, motivation, ideas, and support. They are like virtual neighbors that walk over and sit a while on my front porch over tea. They make the small things sweeter and more meaningful. They remind me about the good old days and how the simple things in life are so rewarding. Most of them will pray for you when you have a need, send you a card just to see how you are, or email you when they haven't seen you in the forum in a while. I have always (from a VERY young age) had an appreciation for the old days, farms, antiques, crafts, and how women ran their households and supported eachother back in the good old days. I am very thankful to my mom, my mom-mom, Mamaw Amerine, and Grandma Lane for telling me about the simpler days, and for instilling an appreciation for them in me. I always look SO forward to getting together with my grandparents...we always talk about the way things use to be done and talk about crafts we would like to do or are working on. I'm also greatful to my Grandma Branch for introducing me to The Good Old Days magazine. One day, when we were little,my sis and I were snooping around on her back porch and we found a big box FULL of very old issues. We were hooked...and they kept us busy for years...yes, there were a lot of them.
Well, I could go on for days. Mainly, just wanted to thank all my grannies and mom for instilling in me a love for all the simple things, old things, and for things a lot of women do not take the time to appreciate...and thanks to Mary Janes Farm for all my farmgirl friends and for giving me the gumption to try so many new...and old things. Most importantly, God brought them all into my life, so He gets the biggest thanks :)

Proud to be MJF's Farmgirl Sister # 241 and founder of the Southern Indiana Barn Chicks MJF Chapter.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Broken Crayons?

I'm so tired of all those broken crayons in Cooper's box! We fixed it with a quick little project. I took a metal cookie cutter and laid it on foil (on a cookie sheet) then folded the foil up and around. We peeled the paper off the broken crayons, then filled our cookie cutter mold up about half way. We put it in the oven on the lowest setting until they melted, then we let them cool (you can put them in the refrigerator for a bit, too). Now Cooper has a BIG crayon and I don't have to find all those little broken crayons everywhere anymore...well, at least until he breaks some more :) We had a sweet time together being creative. I love doing little projects with my boys...Corbin is growing fast and will actually be able to join in on the fun soon instead of just watch. Can't wait!