Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just an Update...

Yesterday, Corey and I bought tons of landscaping supplies and spruced the house up a little. I planted 34 impatients, 2 rose shrubs, and a hydrangea bush ... all while being 38 weeks pregnant! I had a blast... and hoping I go into labor VERY soon! I will post pics of what I accomplished as well as some pics of my property as soon as I download them. I may not post very often due to the fact that I am about to give birth. Also, I would eventually like to post some pics of things that I have made. I know this is a short post, but short posts are better than no posts... so until next time...

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Newest Creation...

This is my newest creation... a seed organizer. I have a lot of friends who give me seeds and I needed a place to store them until I'm ready to plant them. This box is pretty and functional. Not to mention, I recycled the box and didn't have to buy anything extra! I hope it stimulates your creative side. I will post more of my creations later. I sent in an application to the Farmgirl Sisterhood to hopefully earn a merit badge for it... not sure if my application went thru or not... I will have to email them to find out if they received it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

About Me...

~ I have the most awesome husband in the world! Corey...He loves me unconditionally, supports my MANY endeavors, is very encouraging, wonderful around the house, hardworking, smart, VERY handsome, is very honest and is full of integrity... Plus he thinks I'm beautiful with no make-up and when I JUST wake up... and I know he's not just saying it.

~ I am 37 weeks pregnant today. My son, according to my midwife, could come at any time now. I cannot wait! I am sooooo ready to hold him in my arms!!! His name is Cooper and as soon as he's born and I have pictures, I will post them. I think Corey talks to my belly more than I do! We are getting impatient for our little sweetie to be here!

~ I am an identical twin. My sister's name is Bethany and we are inseperable! We do pretty much everything together. We are very different, but oh-so-much alike!

~ I am a nurse, an LPN... still working on my RN. I work on an Alzheimer's unit... very interesting, I must say!

~ I'm an old-fashioned sort of girl... I LOVE to learn about the past and about how women back in the old days lived, helped eachother, decorated and made do with what they have. I think that young people today do not have enough appreciation for things of the past... I hope to encourage my friends and other people I come into contact with to appreciate things of the past, too.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome To My Blog!

Hello! My name is Cecily. I am 27 years old and live in Indiana. I have always been a 'country girl.' When I was younger, my grandparents had a farm with cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, and goats. We grew corn and tobacco. My brother, sister, and I helped them take care of all the animals. I especially LOVED to bottle feed the calves. My grandparents moved from the farm after I graduated from highschool and since, I have craved to have my own farm someday. My family is and has always been VERY close and loving. We have a long line of very strong women with many talents in my family and I am proud to say that I have inherited a lot of craftiness from them. For example, I love to quilt, crochet, create scrapbooks and homemade cards, sew pillows and aprons and clothespin holders, Cook, grow flowers, ... pretty much, if I can think of it, or see it, I can probably make it... finding the time and getting organized enough is a whole different story... I'm working on my organizational skills! I also endeavor to learn how to can and freeze veggies (just like my great grandmother use to do). Hopefully I will get to learn soon. My great-great grandmother, Edna Lane was the most accomplished quilter I have ever met in my life! She has recently passed away, but the legacy she left is still very much alive in the remaining 5 generations she left behind. My great grandmother pieces quilts and my grandmother quilts them for her as well as quilts her own. When me, my twin sis, and my cousin were about 11 years old, Mom-mom (grandma) put together sewing boxes for each of us and bought 12X12 quilt squares with scenes on them for us to learn how to quilt on. So, we would have our little quilting bees with mom-mom and the knowledge I gained from that has been SO important not only to the craft of quilting itself, but also to how I view that time spent with my family. It was such a special time.

I am new at this blogger thing and I feel that I may get overwhelmed if I don't take my time. I guess I will just have to put a little of my life story in at a time. One of the main reasons to create this blog is because I have been so inspired by all of my farmgal friends' blogs on the Mary Janes Farm Farmgirl Connection and I want to use this site to reflect my vision of what farm/country life is all about and how I view it... In my opinion, there is no better life than life on the farm! Even if it's a VERY small-just-getting-going farm... the charm and simplicity is still there. OH, and the satisfaction of learning new gardening techniques and other new farmish tidbits! Also, since I am getting ready to move soon and can't really delve into creating my farm yet, I will be educating myself on the simple farming/gardening info that I will need for when I move and actually do start my small farm. This will be my learning experiences as I learn them, so I hope my experiences will be of help to you as well... hope you enjoy.