Sunday, June 22, 2008

About Me...

~ I have the most awesome husband in the world! Corey...He loves me unconditionally, supports my MANY endeavors, is very encouraging, wonderful around the house, hardworking, smart, VERY handsome, is very honest and is full of integrity... Plus he thinks I'm beautiful with no make-up and when I JUST wake up... and I know he's not just saying it.

~ I am 37 weeks pregnant today. My son, according to my midwife, could come at any time now. I cannot wait! I am sooooo ready to hold him in my arms!!! His name is Cooper and as soon as he's born and I have pictures, I will post them. I think Corey talks to my belly more than I do! We are getting impatient for our little sweetie to be here!

~ I am an identical twin. My sister's name is Bethany and we are inseperable! We do pretty much everything together. We are very different, but oh-so-much alike!

~ I am a nurse, an LPN... still working on my RN. I work on an Alzheimer's unit... very interesting, I must say!

~ I'm an old-fashioned sort of girl... I LOVE to learn about the past and about how women back in the old days lived, helped eachother, decorated and made do with what they have. I think that young people today do not have enough appreciation for things of the past... I hope to encourage my friends and other people I come into contact with to appreciate things of the past, too.


  1. I sure loved visiting your blog!! Your husband and baby to be sound great!! My oldest son (he is 30 now) is named Corey...good name!! (so is Cooper!)
    I am looking forward to seeing pictures... you sound so fun!!

  2. How exciting! A new baby. How precious!

    I'm an old fashioned girl too. And I love to read, study and even cook and sew like our ancestors did.